Monday, August 3, 2009

Windows XP Drivers for New Model Lap Tops

Few months back one of my friend called me to visit him to help him in installation of Windows XP on his new laptop which was previously having Vista pre installed by the vendors. When I checked about the device drivers non of them were available with him. I searched on the web for long time but I was unable to find any drivers designed for Windows XP for that particular new model of laptop. What I come to feel was that either manfacturers of laptops were saving money and not developing device drivers for Windows XP for their new hardware or they were just trying to promote Vista and demoralizing Windows XP users.

What happens when we donot have correct drivers for our laptop? We cannot fully utilize its devices like headphones, speakers, webcam resultantly very useful programs of today's daily life e.g. Skype cannot be used.

Through this post, I will urge you to ask Microsoft to please do not end up maintenance services for windows XP and help venders by providing drivers for their new models of accessories mentioned above so that XP lovers keep enjoying its full taste. 

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