Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cellphone Technology- Very important part of our daily life

In most of the cities we find half the public face down, busy doing something or the other with their cellphones when you venture outside of your home. We see people reading something, playing a game, texting furiously, talking to someone on the other end or even clicking pictures. This advent of the smartphone era has brought about lot of changes in the way we live our life. Most of us cannot live without our smartphones and feel lost if we have to part with them for some reason. It is worth mentioning here that the many advancements in mobile technology have made us all the more dependable on these handheld gadgets and made them an inseparable part of our daily lives. It breaks people to lose their smartphones, especially if it is a latest one and one which cost them their monthly earning. Mobile technology has advanced very fast and greatly over the last two decades or so. From a simple two way pager device to bulky handsets to flip phones to basic cellphones to the trendy, slim and edgy smartphones of today, mobile technology has indeed come a very long way within a short time period. They are getting slimmer every day and more technologically advanced. Today’s average smartphone, besides being talking to others, also serves as a text messenger sender, camera, GPS navigator, calculator, media player, internet provider, language dictionary, games station and many more.

Merits and demerits of cell phone technology

Combination of a good smartphone and a marketplace teeming with varied types of interesting apps in the palm of your hand can get very addictive. Many people are addicted to their smartphones to some level. But, too much of anything is not good and this applies to smartphone usage also. An other problem that the today’s youth are facing is the urge to always stay connected in virtual life and not giving as much importance to their real life matters. Most of them waste their time on gaming and social networking usage more than required and end up feeling low, aggressive and moody when they do not get the desired results from their online tasks. Extra ordinary usage of mobiles also results in the deterioration of vision, spoiling of relationships that were otherwise quite good due to over communication. Benefits of mobile technology are, they outweigh the cons. We have apps for almost everything today, be it buying things, reading books, playing games, getting the latest information from all over the world, connecting with people within short time, learning new talents or languages, getting useful advice, etc. We can get every this above from apps stores.

Usage of cell phones technology is not going to decrease in recent future

Cellphones have enhanced our lives multifold and the addiction to its usage is not going to decrease in near future. Mobile manufacture companies are competing with each other in order to offer the best in technology to their customers and becoming the number one smartphone seller of the world. So when some company offers the best smartphone camera in the market, another offers the most smooth functioning while a third offers the most interesting collection of apps through its online store. So people are spoilt for choice when they come to choosing a smartphone and the future of mobile technology looks better than before.

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